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Suicide touches us all.  Beyond the statistics, the impacts on family, friends and communities are devastating.  By hosting a World Suicide Prevention Day event in your local community you can help raise awareness, improve understanding about suicide, help start critical conversations and connect your community members with local help and service providers.  Community events that link people with local help services can save lives.

Every World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) Roses in the Ocean host an event which we can all engage with. This symbolic event is something that can be done by a group, family or just an individual.  It involves placing a rose in the ocean (river, creek, lake or dam) on WSPD to

  • Acknowledge and honour those who have died by suicide
  • Show that it is okay to reach out and connect with others in understanding, acceptance and support, and
  • Demonstrate your willingness to play an active role in suicide prevention.

Roses are a beautiful and dignified flower, yet their thorns add complexity which require careful handling.  They are symbolic of our deepest emotions: love, friendship, sorrow, hope. The ocean, with its waves crashing upon the shore and calmer waters out deep, provide a symbolic platform of the turbulence felt by people who are coping with a difficult stage in their life, and indeed for some, coping with suicidal thoughts.

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Here are some other event ideas . . .

  • give a rose to someone (or all your staff!) with a message of gratitude and value
  • host a public awareness event in local shopping centre, park, community hall
  • hold a morning tea / BBQ / picnic
  • organise for a trained lived experience speaker (call us!) to speak in your workplace or community centre
  • engage your local sports club in a community game
  • have a stall at your local fair

Speaking openly and safely about suicide helps combat the prejudice that can prevent people seeking help.

Be safe. If you plan to host a community event of activity, it is essential to create a safe environment. World Suicide Prevention Day is about avoiding harm, and you must be well-prepared. Read and follow the Event Host Kit to make sure your event is run safely and sensitively to avoid unintended distress.


  1. Read the Event Host Kit
  2. Register your event