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Lived Experience informed and delivered training

All Roses in the Ocean programs are designed and developed by professional Facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.  Roses in the Ocean Facilitators draw on their professional expertise to deliver a range of training programs and workshops which are informed and enhanced by their personal story of suicide and that of the members of our own Lived Experience Collective.

We also draw upon the the growing base of lived experience knowledge internationally to enhance training outcomes.  We believe delivering evidence-based training programs in combination with sharing the personal insights of suicide, increases the impact and depth of understanding achieved.  This is a unique and powerful offering for Suicide Prevention Networks, Corporate and community groups, and Frontline Service Providers, and provides great opportunity for innovative collaboration amongst proactive suicide prevention organisations.

The stigma, prejudice and discrimination associated with suicide can prevent people from reaching out for help when they need it the most and hinders systemic responses to suicide. Research evidence from the field of psychology suggests that a key strategy to overcome prejudice is through direct contact with people who represent the stigmatized ‘other’. Extended to suicide prevention, it is likely that exposure to individuals with lived experience of suicide helps to reduce stigma and to build understanding that suicide can touch the life of anyone in the community.

Customised Training available:

In addition to the suite of offerings below, Roses in the Ocean customise workshops and programs to meet specific needs within communities, service providers and organisations. Lived experience enhances programs by bringing greater meaning, connection and understanding to generic content and effects attitudinal change far more effectively.

Dates and Locations of confirmed programs

The table below provides an overview of the training programs currently scheduled.  Please contact us on if you would like more information about a program in your area.

BrisbaneVoices of In-Sight & LaunchPadJuly 02-03 & 05Energy Queensland
Port Lincoln SAVoices of In-SightJuly 08-09SASP Networks
LauncestonVoices of In-SightJuly 12-13TASPHN
PerthVoices of In-SightJuly 16-17Lifeline
SydneyLived Experience Advisory ProgramJuly 18-19NSW Ministry of Health
Brimbank / Melton
Our Voice in ActionJuly 26-27North West Melbourne PHN
BrisbaneVoices of In-SightAugust 06-07Kurbingui
SydneyVoices of In-Sight
Lived Experience Panel
August 15-17SPA
CanberraPeer Care CompanionsAugust 22-23Military Police
TBAVoices of In-SightAugust 23-24SENPHN
DouglasVoices of In-SightSeptember 27-28NQPHN
BrisbaneOur Voice in FocusOctober 01-02YourTown
BrisbaneLiving PerspectivesOctober 08Policelink
Whyalla SAVoices of In-SightTBASASP Networks
Illawarra Shoalhaven
Voices of In-SightTBAISSPC
BrisbaneVoices of In-SightTBAMates in Construction

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Programs and Workshops:

‘Our Voice in Action’ – is a unique foundational 2 day capacity building program for people with a Lived Experience of suicide looking to meaningfully participate in suicide prevention activites. It is designed to empower people to effectively draw upon their lived experience and develop additional skills to inform, influence change and enhance existing activities.

“Voices of In-Sight” – a unique opportunity to reflect on your lived experience and learn how to share your personal story for greatest impact & influence.  Become a member of the ‘Voices of In-Sight’ Speakers Hub.

“Living Perspectives Suicide Awareness” – a 1 day lived experience informed and delivered suicide awareness and intervention workshop designed specifically for frontline responders and social services staff.  Program was co-designed by Roses in the Ocean and Lifeline and is co-facilitated.

“TouchPoints” – this 3.5 hour informative and interactive workshop is designed specifically to build the capacity and confidence of people to better understand and respond to suicide. It combines evidence based intervention skills with the insights and wisdom of people who have directly experienced suicide through their own suicidality and/or bereavement through suicide.  Customised case studies provide practical guides to how best support your community.

“EngagePoint” – this is a program currently being co-designed and developed with people with a lived experience of suicide, Roses in the Ocean and Black Dog Institute.  Wide consultation will be undertaken with people with liv ed experience and the organisations engaging them, such that a set of resources and a 1 day program is developed to support the meaningful engagement & integration of lived experience.  The program outline is purely a draft overview of what this program will comprise.

“Peer CARE Companions – a 3 day interactive program designed to prepare people with a lived experience of suicide to provide peer support in a range of situations.  Peer Support in the context of suicide requires specific skills and layers of support, and this program prepares people to bring their unique experience to support others at critical periods of their lives.

“Lived Experience in the Media” – a 2 hour workshop (designed with MindFrame)  specific to people with lived experience of suicide

building your capacity

Suicide touches people from all walks of life. Our lived experience of suicide is just one part of who we are. Roses in the Ocean engages the whole person and facilitates opportunities to harness your diverse skill sets and expertise.

In order to leverage your skills, capabilities, expertise and lived experience, we first must ensure that you are ready to be involved, are safe and supported, trained in appropriate messaging and language, and possess current and accurate knowledge of suicide and suicide prevention.

At Roses in the Ocean we recognise that individuals have unique capabilities and different abilities to get involved in volunteer work. Our volunteers are offered the opportunity to engage at different levels in our Lived Experience Collective from ‘dip your toe in’ opportunities like helping out at a local community awareness event or completing a survey through to in-depth, skilled and representative involvement in policy and program development, advocacy and peer-to-peer support initiatives.