our volunteers and working committee

our volunteers

Roses in the Ocean is regularly approached by people keen to lend us their passion, energy, skills and lived experience in a voluntary capacity.  We welcome you!  There are always ways in which you can either assist us directly in the operational side of Roses in the Ocean, or play a role in your local community in suicide prevention.  Please complete this form to be added to our Volunteer Register and find out about the training we offer to volunteers and people with lived experience so that you are safe and supported in your volunteering role.

our volunteer management committee

We have a dedicated team on the Volunteer Management Committee who meet monthly, and take ownership of a wide range of responsibilities, functions, organisational and administrative roles for Roses in the Ocean.  They work closely with our CEO, and their progress is reported to the Board quarterly.

Committee members

Layne Stretton – Strategy and Melbourne Working Committee Chair
Mark Davis – Strategy, Communications
Emily Verstege – Grants, Funding and Communications Strategy
Margaret Jolly – Events: Gala Evening
Vicki Smith – Events: Gala Evening
Estelle Olivier – Social Media
Fran Edwards – Financial Administration
Jason Spaull – Online community engagement
Justin Hunter – Graphic Design, Administration

Opportunity for involvement

Each Working Committee member heads up a working group whose size fluctuates depending on the activities at hand.  If you feel you would like to volunteer your time, skills or expertise, please contact us at info@rosesintheocean.com.au.  We always welcome assistance!

Currently seeking

Administration – We are currently looking for an efficient administrator with great word, excel and simple document layout skills! About 2 hours per week would be fantastic and free those of us who are not so skilled in all things word processing to work more at the strategic and event planning tasks!

WordPress – our website has been developed in WordPress, and we are in need of a competent WordPress administrator for 1-2 hours per week.

If you have the times and skills we are looking for, please contact us at info@rosesintheocean.com.au