World Suicide Prevention Day – global initiative

Global initiative adopted by the International Association for Suicide Prevention

Roses in the Ocean is an Australian suicide prevention organisation which aims to empower communities to change the way suicide is understood, spoken about and ultimately prevented.

The grassroots organisation engages communities in raising awareness of how to speak openly and safely about suicide, whilst supporting those with lived experience to play a meaningful and active role in suicide prevention.

Amongst their activities, each World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) Roses in the Ocean host an event which we can all engage with. This symbolic event is something that can be done by a group, family or just an individual.  It involves placing a rose in the ocean (river, creek, lake or dam) on WSPD in honour of those lost to suicide or struggling with suicidal thoughts, feelings or behaviours.

Roses are a beautiful and dignified flower, yet their thorns add complexity which require careful handling.  They are symbolic of our deepest emotions: love, friendship, sorrow, hope. The ocean, with its waves crashing upon the shore and calmer waters out deep, provide a symbolic platform of the turbulence felt by people who are coping with a difficult stage in their life, and indeed for some, coping with suicidal thoughts.

By placing a rose in the ocean this WSPD you will:

  • Acknowledge and honour those who have died by suicide
  • Show that it is okay to reach out and connect with others in understanding, acceptance and support, and
  • Demonstrate your willingness to play an active role in suicide prevention.

Read more about Roses in the Ocean and their activities at

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