Communities active in Suicide Prevention

Since the late nineteenth century, ‘the use of the term community has remained to some extent associated with the hope and the wish of reviving once more the closer, warmer, more harmonious type of bonds between people vaguely attributed to past ages’ (Elias 1974, quoted by Hoggett 1997: 5).  We are more isolated now than ever before, caught up in the “busy-ness” of our lives and taking advantage of all the “time saving” technological advances now available to us!

We know that suicide is a complex and multifaceted behaviour and that fundamental prevention factors such as feelings of belonging, a sense of purpose and identity, and meaningful connections with others make a significant difference to how we deal with the difficulties often faced in life.  It makes sense then that communities can play an incredibly important role in the overall well being of its members and, in turn, suicide prevention.

Roses in the Ocean and the Queensland Mental Health Commission have worked together this year to make available a valuable resource for communities to take an active role in suicide prevention.  One of the core projects of Roses in the Ocean is community awareness events, especially around World Suicide Prevention Day, which falls on September 10th each year.

In April, a group of people came together in Brisbane from all over Queensland to a workshop introducing them to the resources, and to brainstorm ideas for how they will host a community awareness event in their local community.  These are not the only people however who can access these resources.  They are available on our website on the Host an Event page

You don’t need any special qualifications, just a passion and desire to help your community become more aware and literate about suicide and suicide prevention.  Gather a group of people together to help you, and access the resources to guide you through everything you need to host a successful event.  The team at Roses in the Ocean are ready and waiting to assist in any way we can too, we are just an email or call away!

Suicide is mostly preventable, and by starting safe conversations within your community, and making it easy for people to access and find their way to services,  you can help protect those around you.