Reflections of my Lived Experience

Reflections of My Lived Experience is an opportunity to reflect on and share what your lived experience of suicide has taught you, how it has changed you, what learnings you can share, and what advice you can offer.

Roses in the Ocean encourages creativity in your contribution, which may take the form of a letter to yourself, a dear diary entry, a poem, a useful mantra, an inspirational quote, or your own creative artwork, doodle or original piece of music.

Since launching Reflections of My Lived Experience, Roses in the Ocean has received a diverse range of inspiring and moving submissions from individuals with a lived experience of suicide. Our hope is that these powerful stories and insights will inspire, comfort or move you, and that you will also share them with friends and colleagues who may gain solace and comfort from the stories told.

Your passions, insights and creativity have manifested in a suite of poetry, artworks, diary entries, letters and prose.

If you or someone you know has a creative expression of their lived experience of suicide and would like to submit it for inclusion please visit the  Reflections page for further information.

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Voices of InSight Speakers Hub

The ‘Voices of In-Sight’ Speakers Hub delivers professional speakers training to volunteers with a lived experience of suicide.  Our Speakers, through their stories and experience, provide valuable insights and perspectives of suicide and suicide prevention that can increase awareness, understanding and confidence within their audience.

The Speakers Hub is endorsed by AISRAP, National StandBy Response and MindFrame.

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Roses Radio podcast

Roses Radio is a suicide prevention podcast series designed to take the stories from courageous people and use them in a way that helps those who are trying to understand suicide, and for many, their own personal experience.  Each podcast has its own unique perspective and all encompassing view of suicide irrespective of the place from which you view it.

We embrace different perspectives and scenarios, and bring to you stories of coping, stories of resilience, and stories of inspiration.  These messages are Suicide Prevention in action.

Roses Radio gives people with a lived experience of suicide the opportunity to share their story with a broad audience, safe in the knowledge that their interviewer also has a lived experience.

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