A Message from Bronwen

The team at Roses in the Ocean sends our love and strength to all Australians as the globe responds to the Covid 19 pandemic, and communities and individuals adjust to a temporary new normal. In this time of increasing insecurity and concern, Roses in the Ocean will remain open for business as we pursue our mission to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives. Our teams in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and West Australia have already transitioned into a virtual office. Fortunately, we are used to working remotely. Our Brisbane head office is now physically closed, and we have relocated our individual workstations to nine child and pet-friendly locations across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. In order to meet our social responsibilities and play our role in reducing the spread of the virus, we have postponed the Lived Experience of Suicide Summit 2020 until May 2021. We have also postponed all upcoming workshops, although expressions of interest remain open and initial readiness screening conversations will take place. We will continue to share resources on our website and social media that may be useful in relation to COVID-19, as well as resources to support people experiencing emotional distress, isolation and disconnection. The current situation provides us with an opportunity to focus on some of the important project planning and resources development and review.  We encourage you all to continue to look for opportunities to include Lived Experience of Suicide input into your work. While we may not be able to engage face-to-face, Roses in the Ocean  we can provide LE consulting services from our team as well as connect you with our extensive LE Collective for online working groups, advisory representatives, content reviewers etc. In short – Roses in the Ocean is here to support you and your organisation in any aspect of Lived Experience of Suicide – the more we can engage our LE representatives the better for them and you! Behind closed doors and in front of computer screens and video chat, our team will continue with a range of our key suicide prevention projects including the ongoing development of our Lived Experience of Suicide Resources Hub, our Qualitative Research project, LE Collective engagement, and the development and refinement of our workshop resources. We will keep you informed through our regular social media channels and eNewsletters. Stay safe and connected Bronwen Edwards CEO