Covid 19 ‘Coronavirus’ Pandemic 2020

Stage 4 Self-Care

If you’re feeling worried or struggling to cope during the COVID19 Victorian isolation, that we are under, now with more “Stage-4” restrictions in place, here are some self-care+ things to consider.

Self-care can be understood in many different ways. In its simplest form, the term refers to our ability as human beings to function effectively in the world while meeting the multiple challenges of daily life with a sense of energy, vitality, and confidence. Self-care is initiated and maintained by us as individuals, it requires our active engagement.

Manage your exposure to media coverage, as well if you have children, manage theirs. As this could increase feelings of fear and anxiety. Be mindful of sources of information and ensure, if you need to, you are accessing good quality and accurate information.

Learn how to nourish and sustain yourself, the things that have a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional state.

Find ways to manage stress and unwind, relax, unwind and recover. Energy expenditure needs to be balanced with the same amount of energy recovery.

Be aware of changes to your emotional wellbeing and speak to your support network (family, friends, work colleagues) when you find things are getting on top of you. Don’t hesitate to get professional help if you get to point where you are not coping.

If there is someone you think may struggle, through this further extended period of isolation, it is important to reach out to them and let them know you care:

  • Call them to check on their welfare;
  • Send an email or a text; and or
  • Don’t underestimate the power you have to offer hope and a chat to another person.

Whatever you’re feeling during these challenging times, you can talk it through with one of Beyond Blue or lifeline counsellors. They provide advice and support based on your specific needs.

Beyond Blue 1800 512 348  OR  Chat Online

Lifeline  13 11 14 OR Chat online 


Visit our SELF CARE page and check out our WELLBEING WIFI for further information. If you or someone you know is in crisis please call 000 or visit your nearest hospital.

Beyond Blue Mental Wellbeing Support Service

Coronavirus mental wellbeing support service Online support

A great place to start and explore the range of Beyond Blue support options is There you’ll find information, advice and strategies to help you manage your mental wellbeing as well as information on supporting others. Topics reflect some of the mental health and wellbeing challenges we’re all confronting right now.

I need support now We’re here to help. If your experience of the coronavirus pandemic is impacting your mental health, there are a number of support options available here.
I have coronavirus Managing your mental health – information, advice and strategies for people experiencing the illness that results from COVID-19.
Impacts on work Here you’ll find our information on the effects of the coronavirus on your work.
Managing my daily life This includes information on managing daily life during the coronavirus pandemic.
I’m supporting others This site includes information on supporting others during the coronavirus pandemic.
24-hour counselling service  Trained counsellors are now available to 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a dedicated coronavirus phone support line. All sessions are free, one-on-one and confidential. Call 1800 512 348 for support. Easy access to peer to peer online forums  Connect with and learn from others, share your experiences and exchange tips and messages of support on the dedicated online forum: Coping during the coronavirus pandemic. What you see today at isn’t what you will see in a few weeks’ time. The pandemic is rapidly changing our lives, and we will be regularly updating the service’s information, tools and strategies as we listen to and see what the community needs.