Roses in the Ocean

my heart holds you

just one beat away

the tears in my soul

fall quietly every day


did this really happen

or are you just away?

will you walk through my door?

will you call me one day?


your pain was so intense

we shared more than most

the privilege of your love and trust

came at such an unbearable cost


stay close, watch over me

from so many stars apart

roses in the ocean…

you forever in my heart


my thoughts as I wake

through the day and when I sleep

are of you, my magnificent brother

for who my love runs deep


if there is one thing I could change

it would be that fateful time

I would be there for you, as always

holding on to you for life


somehow, some way

I wish with all my might

you find a way to tell me

you forgive, that you’re alright


stay close, watch over me

from so many stars apart

roses in the ocean…

you forever in my heart


Love from Brony November 2009


Roses in the Ocean is proud to announce the establishment of a new national LGBTIQA+ Attempt Survivor Action Group for people who have a lived experience of suicide attempts.

We are seeking a diverse range of people from across Australia who can bring their lived experience of suicide attempts to the forefront of conversations and activities relating specifically to LGBTIQA+ communities and more broadly to all suicide prevention initiatives.

The increased visibility, voices and insights from people who possess the intersectionality of being both a suicide attempt survivor and a member of LGBTQIA+ communities in Australia is very much needed. . The insights you have gained from your lived experience of suicide attempt will contribute to informing how we can collectively amplify the voices of LGBTIQA+ attempt survivors and contribute your important perspectives to all Roses in the Ocean activity.

If you are interested in being part of Roses in the Ocean’s LGBTIQA+ Attempt Survivor Action Group please read and complete an Expressions of Interest.