consulting and advisory

Lived Experience Consultancy

Roses in the Ocean has a sole focus of changing the existing paradigm of suicide prevention by utilising the wisdom of lived experience. There is a tremendous opportunity for us to harness the untapped potential of lived experience and we believe that lives depend on it.

To this end, Roses in the Ocean is available to consult to Primary Health Networks, organisations, community groups and government on the inclusion of lived experience at all stages of suicide prevention.  Our diverse, experienced Lived Experience Advisory Group and extended Lived Experience Collective are available to:

  • identify opportunities for the inclusion of lived experience
  • advise on considerations for effective utilisation of lived experience
  • work with management to identify internal lived experience staff
  • work with stakeholders to identify local and regional lived experience representatives
  • develop local and regional “Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Reference Groups” upon request
  • advise on program design, delivery and distribution

Evaluation of Lived Experience Involvement

The active involvement of those with a lived experience in suicide prevention activities is a relatively new phenomenon. There is much we do not yet understand about the nature of lived experience itself, the impact on individuals of sharing their lived experience, as well as the contribution that lived experience can make to policy and practice.

Roses in the Ocean is working with national researchers to develop and implement robust evaluation processes so we can add to the evidence base and continuously improve our activities. We will share our learnings about processes and outcomes with others to help shape the international involvement of lived experience in suicide prevention and drive systemic change. We are always looking to learn from others and incorporate emerging research and trends into our activities so we constantly push the boundaries of best practice.