Coronavirus pandemic

The team at Roses in the Ocean sends our love and strength to all Australians as the globe responds to the Covid 19 pandemic, and communities and individuals adjust to a new normal.

In this time of increasing insecurity and concern, Roses in the Ocean will remain open for business as we pursue our mission to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives.

We have found several sources of information that may help with your physical, emotional and mental health. Please see the links below from government and our sector partners.

In these challenging times, we encourage you to look after yourself and maintain or even amplify your regular self-care routine.

Stay safe everyone.

If you need to connect with someone with a similar lived experience of suicide, even it be just for a chat, please reach out and call our warmline call-back service.

SP Peer CARE Connect is a suicide prevention ‘warmline’ call-back service, and has been created by Roses in the Ocean to provide a safe place for people with a lived experience of suicide to connect with others with a similar lived experience of suicide. The service provides people with an opportunity to connect, be heard, and for their distress to be compassionately explored and understood by another person through the mutual understanding that comes with meaningful shared experience. This service may assist in providing relief from emotional distress, explore coping strategies, provide suggestions for online resources and/or information.

Whether you have lost someone to suicide, are caring for someone, have survived an attempt, or have been living with your own suicidal thoughts, we will connect you with a Peer CARE Companion who has a similar lived experience of suicide.

CARE stands for our commitment to listen with Compassion, Acceptance, Respect and Empathy.