Tips for surviving the holiday season

We know the holiday season can be a difficult time for people with a lived experience of suicide. While there are loads of tips and friendly hints on how to cope with this busy and potentially stressful period, we thought the best people to ask for advice would be the wonderful people who make up the Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Collective .

So we asked our Collective what they do to make it through the holidays and the festive season. Here’s what they came up with. We hope something resonates with you.

Holiday Tip # 1

Try to take time to practice your own form of self-care, whatever that might be, meditation, deep breathing, watching back to back James Bond movies, whatever you feel is your self-care.

Holiday Tip # 2

Taking long walks in nature, practising mindfulness along the way or take the dog for a walk, a furry friend can often provide the best hugs.

Holiday Tip # 3

If you have young families, enjoy the festive season with them, instead of running around to everyone else’s families.

Holiday Tip # 4

It is often the case that many people are on their own during the festive season.  Some choose to continue working over the holiday season to help cope with being alone.  While others try volunteering over the festive season, for example to feed the homeless.

Holiday Tip # 5

Remember it’s ok to say No, if an invitation to a family get together will prove too difficult, then you can say no.

Holiday Tip # 6

Try to allow yourself time to remember your loved one, maybe visit their favourite place, remember times spent together, maybe visiting the cemetery and placing flowers on your loved one’s grave, all the while allowing the feelings and emotions to come and go while trying to take some time to be kind to yourself.

Holiday Tip # 7

Whether with family or on their own Roses in the Ocean staff like to cook up a Christmas lunch with ham, oysters, prawns and perhaps a glass of bubbles.

Holiday Tip # 8

Why not purchase or make something small as part of tradition to remember a loved one, or even a toast at lunch or dinner.

Holiday Tip # 9

As the kids get older, a new tradition of one present only or donating to charity might be worthwhile to help alleviate the financial stress that the Festive Season can bring.

Holiday Tip # 10

It’s not selfish to choose you and your family’s wellbeing over the expectations of others.

Holiday Tip # 11

The Festive Season brings all sorts of emotions into play.  What you want to do and need to do during this time is the most important tip.  Take your time, be kind to yourself and be with those you love.