lived experience collective

indicators of a thriving lived experience collective

Our Lived Experience Collective is our heart and soul.  It’s important to us that you are involved in a way that you want to be and that you have what you need to do so.  We have identified key indicators of a thriving Lived Experience Collective and are working hard to live up to them:

  • LEC members are engaged with us to the extent they wish to be
  • LEC members are provided with clear opportunity pathways
  • LEC members are provided with resources to develop their skills and achieve their LE goals
  • LEC members are actively engaged in suicide prevention activities of their choice

trained, supported and ready to contribute

Our Lived Experience Collective is comprised of lived experience champions across Australia who are equipped with the expertise and skills needed to bring their lived experience as a voice of change in all aspects of suicide prevention.

They have undertaken training to harness and build their capacity to participate in suicide prevention activities and are provided with ongoing opportunities for professional development.

Suicide touches people from all walks of life. Our lived experience of suicide is just one part of who we are. Roses in the Ocean engages the whole person and facilitates opportunities to harness individuals’ diverse skill sets and expertise. In doing so, we have created a passionate, skilled Collective which, when combined with the insights drawn from personal lived experience of suicide, offers an invaluable resource to stem the suicide tide.

In order to leverage the skills, capabilities and expertise of people with a lived experience of suicide, we first must ensure that these people are ready to be involved, are safe and supported, trained in appropriate messaging and language, and possess current and accurate knowledge of suicide and suicide prevention.

Email us ( for information about being part of our Lived Experience Collective.

opportunities and roles within Roses in the Ocean

Often after someone has completed Roses in the Ocean training, and been actively utilising their lived experience in suicide prevention activities, they are keen to become involved with us.  Some of our members have become:

Mentors – providing guidance to people as they engage in suicide prevention activities as a lived experience of suicide representative, speaker etc

Readiness Callers – part of our best practice recruitment process, our readiness callers assist people make informed decisions about their readiness to become involved and join a workshop

Facilitators – Roses in the Ocean workshops are unique, many say they are unlike anything they have experienced before.  Our Facilitators all have lived experience of suicide, established facilitation skills and undergo rigorous training and on the job development.

Speakers – we are often asked for our wonderful lived experience speakers who have been provided with exceptional training through the ‘Voices of In-Sight’ program to share their insights safely, appropriately and with impact.

It is important to note that payment may be offered for some of these roles. The receipt of payment from Roses in the Ocean is as a contractor and receipt of funds may have implications for the recipient’s personal financial and taxation affairs including eligibility for pensions, support payments and concessions.

Further, on acceptance of some of these roles you may be required to obtain your own professional indemnity insurance, enter into agreements with Roses in the Ocean Ltd and arrange to provide invoices and other forms for payment. We encourage our Lived Experience Collective to obtain their own financial and taxation advice appropriate for their personal circumstances.