lived experience reference groups

Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Reference Groups

In order to support suicide prevention initiatives of PHN’s, Community Suicide Prevention Networks and other organisations, Roses in the Ocean can work with you to establish your own Lived Experience Reference Group.  Roses in the Ocean was founded on, and operates through the lens of lived experience of suicide and all our programs and initiatives are informed and delivered by people with a lived experience of suicide coupled with professional expertise relevant to their role.

We ensure that your Reference Group members have:

  • a diversity of lived experience drawn from your region
  • robust self care plans in place
  • been trained to share their story and draw meaningful messages from their experience
  • familiarity with the MindFrame Media guidelines & Conversation Matters materials
  • access to the Roses in the Ocean Mentoring Program
  • clear understanding of local and regional issues pertaining to suicide prevention

Developing a Lived Experience Reference Group

Phase 1:                 Identify potential candidates for a Lived Experience of Suicide Reference Group
This process involves working collaboratively with the PHN, local Suicide Prevention service providers and existing Mental Health Consumer & Carer groups / advocates to identify potential Lived Experience Reference Group Members reflective of key stakeholder groups within the region. Roses in the Ocean will also draw upon our relationships and partnerships with organisations that have networks of lived experience people.

Phase 2:                    Screening of Lived Experience candidates

Roses in the Ocean will telephone or face-to-face interview potential candidates with a view to ensuring their readiness to be involved, their current self care and support networks. Following interviews Roses in the Ocean will present their recommended list of people to you, and invitations will be extended to participate in the training.

Phase 3:                    ‘Our Voice’ – workshop for lived experience reference group member

Phase 4:                    Ongoing Mentoring through the Roses in the Ocean Mentoring Program

Phase 5:                    Support and guidelines for working with and supporting people with a lived experience of suicide.

 Roses in the Ocean defines lived experience as . . .

…having experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for someone who has been suicidal, or been bereaved by suicide.

We exist to change the way suicide is spoken about, understood and prevented, and pride ourselves on successfully operating at a grass roots level within communities and at a strategic and operational level with non-government organisations, the private sector and government.

As a lead organisation for lived experience, we offer a range of capacity building workshops, a national Lived Experience Speakers Hub “Voices of InSight”, and a Mentoring Program for people with a Lived Experience of suicide. These are all designed to empower people to engage meaningfully in suicide prevention activity in their local communities and on Lived Experience Reference Groups, in ways that are relevant to their expertise and desired level of involvement.

We work collaboratively with a number of national organisations such as AISRAP, National StandBY Response, Lifeline, MindFrame, SuperFriend, Suicide Prevention Australia, Mates in Construction and many others, including individuals and small community groups