Peer Care CONNECT: mobilising a volunteer lived experience workforce

Lived Experience of Suicide Summit Workshop

Watch Workshop Below

* Please note, the recording does not include the content covered in the workshop breakout rooms.

Organisation Involved: Roses in the Ocean

Workshop Facilitators: Kathy Poulton & Sam Phipps

Workshop Duration: 1.5 hours

Peer CARE Connect is a new initiative of Roses in the Ocean to develop an Australia-wide lived experience of suicide volunteer workforce designed to complement the emerging specialist and formal Suicide Prevention Peer workforces.

Peer CARE Connect provides ‘light touch’, in-community peer support for individuals and communities impacted by emotional distress, isolation and suicide. It is responsive to the impact of life events, marginalisation, mental health issues and COVID -19. This workforce will expand to consist of a wide network of trained and supported volunteers known as Peer CARE Connect Companions who are capable of complementing and supplementing suicide prevention activity in local communities through two primary modes of operation:

  1. Peer CARE Connect: warmline
  2. Peer CARE Connect: in Community

This workshop seeks to understand:

  • What roles could Peer CARE Connect Companions play within community?
  • What barriers to their involvement can you imagine?
  • How would we support Peer CARE Connect Companions?