Towards Zero Suicides Initiatives

Roses in the Ocean’s involvement in NSW Towards Zero Suicides initiatives

  • Lived Experience enhancement across NSW -Lived Experience Advisory Groups
  • Alternative to ED – co-design lead
  • SP Peer Workforce Development Services
  • Post Suicide Support (consortium partner) – co-design, SP Peer Workforce
  • Youth Aftercare Program (consortium partner)
  • Gatekeeper training – Community TouchPoints Trainers
Links to key resources and documents

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NSW Ministry of Health – Statewide Requirement Documents:

1. Alternative to ED Safe Havens
2. Suicide Prevention Peer Workforce 

Orientation Webinar to Alt to ED: Safe Havens co-design 

Stephen Scott (Mgr Suicide Prevention), Dr David Alcorn (Clinical Director ISLHD), Carrie Lumby (Lived Experience – Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative and ISLHD Steering Committee), Bronwen Edwards (CEO, Roses in the Ocean) – watch recorded webinar

Webinar – NSW MoH and Agency for Clinical Innovation

Webinar on the co-design process being used in the Zero Suicides in Care initiative, facilitated by Stephen Scott and presented by Margaret Kelly, Stephen Adei, Carrie Lumby, held on 18 March 2020

Overview of our role in Lived Experience, Alt to ED: Safe Havens co-design, SP Peer Workforce Development & Support Services

Presentation to LHDs regarding Lived Experience engagement and Alternative to ED Co-design

Summary document of LHD and Roses in the Ocean responsibilities across various projects

Frequently asked questions & the role of LHDs

Find answers to questions being asked by various LHDs regarding Lived Experience Advisory Groups and the co-design process for Alternative to ED Safe Havens.  This is being added to regularly as questions arise.

A Lived Experience of Emergency Departments

Caroline shares her experience in an Emergency Department in 2019 view

Participant experience of the Online Co-design Process

Illawarra Shoalhaven LHD share their experience undertaking co-design online view

Individual LHD landing pages for Alternative to ED co-design

Nepean Blue Mountains LHD

Murrumbidgee LHD – Griffith Safe Haven

Murrumbidgee LHD – Wagga Wagga Safe Haven

Mid North Coast LHD

Far West NSW LHD

Northern NSW LHD – Lismore Safe Haven

Northern NSW LHD – Tweed Heads Safe Haven

Western NSW LHD – Dubbo and Parkes Safe Haven

South Western Sydney LHD – Safe Haven

St. Vincent’s Hospital – Safe Haven

Western Sydney LHD – Safe Haven

Southern LHD – Safe Haven

Our involvement in Toward Zero Suicide Initiatives

Lived Experience of suicide engagement – Roses in the Ocean has been contracted by the Ministry of Health to support the meaningful engagement of people with a lived experience of suicide across all of the Towards Zero Suicides initiatives which form part of the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention 2018-2023.  In some LHDs this will see the establishment of Lived Experience Advisory Groups (LEAGs) , while in others it may be the provision of lived experience training to new members to join existing lived experience networks.  Two lived experience workshops, Our Voice in Action and LaunchPad, will be offered to LHDs.

In 2019, Roses in the Ocean established the NSW Ministry of Health LEAG who work closely with Stephen Scott and his team.  It is hoped that members of the MoH LEAG will also participate in their local LHD LEAG providing a natural and valuable to connection between the two groups.

Alternatives to ED: Safe Havens co-design – Roses in the Ocean has been contracted by the Ministry of Health to lead and/or support the co-design of twenty Alternative to ED: Safe Havens.  LHDs who have experience in co-design and may have already commenced this process will be able to indicate how Roses in the Ocean and Beacon Strategies can further support their work.

Lived Experience ‘Lifekeeper’ training – a pilot is being conducted in two LHD regions, Hunter New England and Western NSW, to build the capacity of community members with a lived experience of suicide to become community ‘TouchPoints’ trainers able to deliver the lived experience designed and delivered Lifekeeper workshop.  Roses in the Ocean has worked with key organisations in each LHD to identify local trainers, deliver the TouchPoints Train the Trainer and a series of workshops to provide further on the job training.  Local trainers will then deliver additional TouchPoints workshops in the region over the following months through to June 2021. Each LHD will receive a total of twelve TouchPoints workshops during the pilot.  The licensing model is designed to build capacity and sustainability within community.

Suicide Prevention Peer Workforce Development Services – the SP Peer Workforce Development Service is a suite of training for both SP Peer Workers and organisations, and independent support services (individual peer mentoring, group co-reflection) and a statewide Community of Practice for the SP Peer Workers recruited into Alternative to ED: Safe Havens and Suicide Prevention Outreach Teams (SPOT)

SP Peer Worker (crisis support) provides a supportive and non-judgmental space for SP Peer Workers to consider the practice guidance provided by general Peer Work courses, such as Intentional Peer Support and the Certificate IV in Peer Work, and gain understanding and skill in applying this in the context of suicide prevention.  It specifically focuses on what Peer Work values, principles and approaches mean in the challenging environment of a suicide prevention service and how to manage difficulties that are unique to this environment. Read more

Read an overview of Roses in the Ocean’s independent SP Peer Workforce Development Services here.

We understand that all LHDs are incredibly busy across numerous Towards Zero Suicides initiatives.  Roses in the Ocean is here to assist in whatever way we can add value to your work.

Considerations for local health districts

  • If you already have an established group of people with a Lived Experience of suicide, you may like to offer the Roses in the Ocean training to additional interested LE community members to join your existing group.
  • Recruitment and Screening – refer to FAQs
  • Once the LEAG is formed they provide a unique and integral resource of lived experience insights and perspectives to the following initiatives within the LHDs across NSW:
    1. Alternatives to ED: Safe Havens
    2. Zero Suicides in Care
    3. Suicide Prevention Outreach Teams
    4. Post Suicide Support initiatives
  • Larger LHD regions are being offered the equivalent of 2 x LEAG workshops – 20 LE people trained.
    You may choose to have two groups – one centrally located close to your LHD office so face to face meetings are feasible and one group made up of people from all other parts of your region; OR simply train twenty people from across the region and connect with them via virtual means.
  • Ongoing LEAG co-ordinationLocal Health District’s Role
    • Nominate a staff member to coordinate the ongoing LEAG meetings and involvement
    • Engage the LEAG in monthly meetings to discuss and enable contribution into LHD activity in Towards Zero Suicide initiatives
    • Embed members of the LEAG into various working groups, co-design projects, Steering Group / Implementation Committees etc

    Roses in the Ocean’s Role

Key Contacts

Lived Experience Advisory Group

Andrea Reed (Workshops Manager):

Co-design of Alternatives to ED

Crystal Paniccia:

Other key contacts:

Bronwen Edwards (CEO):