In 2018 the NSW Government launched the Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention 2018-2023 to guide suicide prevention activities in NSW. To address the priorities in this framework, $87million was dedicated to the fifteen Towards Zero Suicide initiatives, one of which included the Post Suicide Support Service (PSSS).

The design and delivery of the NSW PSSS was awarded to StandBy, in partnership with Jesuit Social Services, University of New England and Roses in the Ocean in 2020.

The NSW PSSS used a consortium approach to provide whole of community postvention support services across NSW to support anyone bereaved or impacted by suicide. StandBy’s support draws on the consortium partners collective experience and through harnessing existing local supports.

Further information regarding this service can be found on StandBy’s website.

The initial co-design

The initial co-design of the Post Suicide Support Service was led by Roses in the Ocean in 2021 and was undertaken in two distinct phases. The first being a state-wide co-design, and the second a series of local co-designs.

Phase one of the initial co-design considered the broader needs of the service, with the local co-design sessions considering the uniqueness of various regions and communities across NSW.

Post Implementation Co-design

NSW PSSS has now been operational for approximately 12 months, although some regions were late to open due to various challenges (i.e. COVID-19). The Post Implementation Co-design seeks to confirm fidelity to the initial co-design outputs, highlight what is working well and where there is opportunity for improvement or enhancement to the service.

The co-design will again occur in two phases, will be informed by feedback from users of the service and will bring together the voices of the service team, management, and partners.

Phase 1 will be state-wide, and phase 2 will consider the service at a local level. Please find full co-design framework, including session dates, HERE.

Would you like to contribute to the Post Implementation Co-design process?

Service users:

If you would like to contribute via phone interview or online survey please contact Julia on 1300 411 461 or at

StandBy Team Members or Service Partners:

If you would like to participate either through attending sessions or via Feedback Loops, please complete an expression of interest HERE.

Feedback may also be provided via survey at any time during the process, HERE.

For further information please contact:

Crystal Paniccia
Head of Priority Populations and Partnerships

Julia Granaham
Service Delivery Administrator

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