Our collaborations

Working together

Collaboration is essential when designing, reviewing, developing and implementing any suicide prevention service, program or activity.  At Roses in the Ocean, we pride ourselves on our highly collaborative nature – we bring lived experience of suicide to every aspect of suicide prevention, and while lived experience is a critical part of everything, it is not the whole answer – we must work together, pool our expertise such that we can meet the needs of people within our communities.

Our strong collaborative beliefs ensure that we work alongside Government, Mental Health Commissions, Primary Health Networks, Community groups, Suicide Prevention Networks, Non-Government Organisations, and corporate organisations.

Services we provide for our partners include

  • consulting and advising on matters pertaining to lived experience engagement (based on current Lived Experience Guidelines and the Black Dog Institute’s Lived Experience Framework and Dr Michelle Banfield ANU)
  • facilitating community symposium and lived experience forums
  • providing input into research projects, policy, service design
  • capacity building programs for people with lived experience to form Reference Groups for specific organisations and Primary Health Networks
  • delivery of suicide awareness & crisis intervention workshops to frontline responders, various organisations and the community (Lifeline Partnership)

Plans in Action

Primary Health Networks (PHNs) have been established with the key objectives of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical services for patients, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes, and improving coordination of care to ensure patients receive the right care in the right place at the right time. (www.health.gov.au)

Australia has been divided into 31 PHN’s and all are responsible for developing Regional Suicide Prevention Action Plans.

Lived experience has a critical role to play in these plans and in meaningfully engaging community members to inform, enhance and influence how suicide is prevented in their area.

In order to support suicide prevention initiatives and the development of Regional Suicide Prevention Action Plans, Roses in the Ocean has been working closely with the LifeSpan project, and a number of Primary Health Networks, Commonwealth Trial Sites, Victorian Place Based Sites across Australia, providing a range of services.

  • advisory service– who, when and how to engage lived experience people
  • consulting services– various approaches for implementation of lived experience
  • capacity building training – a suite of programs & workshops for community members with lived experience
  • lived experience reference/advisory groups – recruitment, screening and training
  • mentoring program – supporting lived experience people to play an active role in their community and PHN
  • facilitation – of community forums, consultation groups, priority population consultations
  • mentoring of all our program participants
  • screening for a variety of forums, lived experience roundtables etc
  • lived experience representatives for various projects, research, reference groups, events
  • guest speakers – trained lived Voices of In-Sight lived experience speakers to attend events & forums