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Contribution to the evidence base

Roses in the Ocean is committed to contributing to the emerging and rapidly growing evidence base relating to the active and meaningful inclusion of lived experience in all suicide prevention activities.

All of our activities, which are developed, designed and delivered by people with a lived experience of suicide, continuously add to the growing evidence base needed in Australia. Currently, existing evidence predominantly comes from scientific peer reviewed work, however, as the contribution of people with a lived experience of suicide grows, this research and evidence will undoubtedly become much richer. This will result in greater support for lived experience involvement at all levels in suicide prevention.

The Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) in conjunction with the Black Dog Institute, evaluated two of our central lived experience of suicide capacity building workshops – Our Voice in Action and Voices of In-Sight throughout the duration of the LifeSpan Suicide Prevention Trial. The AISRAP Study report highlights decreased levels of distress of participants, increased levels of empowerment, suicide literacy and confidence to engage in lived experience activities within their communities. This led to the Reasons for Living study among-those-with lived experience entering the suicide prevention workforce.


At Roses in the Ocean, we endeavour to involve our Lived Experience Collective, and other people with a lived experience of suicide in various external research projects and surveys, share job opportunities within the sector, and notify you of any upcoming events that may be in your region for you to attend and support.


Voices of In-Sight Evidence Statement

Voices of In-Sight (VoIS) is a two-day workshop designed to take people with a lived experience of suicide into a deeper-dive exploringtheir lived experience while learning how to share their lived experience story with others. It is important to note while this workshop can be seen as a standalone product, it is also intended to […]

YourTown Innovation paper

As the leading not-for-profit organisation for lived experience of suicide in Australia, Roses in the Ocean is focused on building a safe, trained and supported Lived Experience “Workforce” with the expertise and skills needed to bring lived experience of suicide as a voice of change in all aspects of suicide prevention. This innovation paper outlines […]

Our Voice in Action Evidence Statement

EXTERNAL RESEARCH AND EVALUATION In 2018, The Australian Institute of Suicide Research and Prevention (AISRAP) conducted a pilot study of two of our lived experience designed and delivered workshops. Our Voice in Action was one such program included in the pilot study. Key findings from the evaluation report include “The Our Voice in Action program successfully increased suicide literacy, knowledge […]

TouchPoints Evidence Statement

TouchPoints is a three-hour workshop that has been co-designed, developed and is delivered by Facilitators with a lived experience of suicide. This informative workshop is designed to give community members an insight into suicide through the lens of people who have personally experienced it, and to equip them with the right knowledge and practical tools […]