our purpose

Our Purpose

To save lives and reduce emotional distress and pain.

Our Strategy

Roses in the Ocean exists to save lives and reduce emotional distress and pain.

At our heart and soul are people with a lived experience of suicide, and we are dedicated to empowering them to find their voice and building their capacity to bring their insights and wisdom to all aspects of suicide prevention.

We harness the perspectives of all we represent, along with our own lived experience of suicide expertise to innovate and transform suicide prevention, and  drive and deliver system reform.  We seek to lead the significant cultural shift needed to save lives through the expertise of people with lived experience of suicide,  We support organisations and government to effectively and meaningfully engage and integrate lived experience expertise.

Our key focus is on:

  • Implementing innovative solutions co-designed with community to meet the needs of individuals and communities.
  • Developing & supporting the LE workforce and SP Peer Workforce while continuing to build capacity and sustainability in individuals and communities.
  • Driving reform towards a genuine ‘no wrong door’ approach by supporting all services to embrace lived experience of suicide informed practice.
  • Delivering high-quality, best practice capacity building training and service delivery, the impact of which is measured and reported on.
  • Walking the talk. Providing respected leadership in lived experience of suicide to individuals, the sector and government.
  • Building depth and sustainability into the lived experience of suicide movement, our organisation, individuals and communities, services, workforces and safe spaces.

Our Values

  • We value LIFE itself. We cherish and embrace the journey that is life. We deeply value the diversity of individuals with lived experience of suicide who touch upon our lives, and the lives of others, in the most profound of ways.
  • We value lifelong LEARNING and the opportunity for people to learn from those with lived experience. We acknowledge that we are in a constant state of learning, and we respectfully provide every individual with the opportunity to learn, share and grow within themselves and with each other.
  • We value our own and others’ physical, emotional and mental HEALTH and wellbeing. A healthy life and positive behaviours make a difference to our general wellbeing. We are committed to creating safe environments that promote positive mental health, happiness and contentment.
  • We value CONNECTIONS among individuals and groups that are based in authentic, honest and respectful exchanges and interactions. The best things in life are shared with those we care about.
  • We value OPEN and HONEST communications that break silences, advance discussion and challenge paradigms. We will be open, honest, brave and unapologetic in how we discuss suicide.
  • We thrive on COLLABORATION and encourage individual and inter-functional cooperation in order to build enriching, cooperative, and empowering relationships within a group who are committed to one another and a common purpose.
  • We value HUMILITY, empathy and respect, acknowledging our own and others varied knowledge and skills, and lived experiences of suicide, and the limitations of each.
  • We value the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders practice of DEEP LISTENING. An almost spiritual skill based on respect, deep listening is inner quiet, still awareness, and waiting.