our vision

Our Vision

To save lives and reduce emotional pain

Our Dream

For all people with a lived experience of suicide to feel confident accessing a range of services and supports  which will empower them towards recovery in a timely, respectful and compassionate manner.

Our Mission

To empower people with lived experience of suicide to inform, influence and enhance suicide prevention.

Our Strategy

Roses in the Ocean exists to save lives and reduce emotional pain

We do this by informing, influencing and enhancing suicide prevention through the lived experience and supporting organisations to effectively and meaningfully engage lived experience expertise.

Our focus is on

  • Providing critical lived experience resources and expertise.
  • Building a trained and supported Lived Experience “Workforce”.
  • Facilitating their meaningful involvement in suicide prevention activities.
  • Leading the evolution of engaging lived experience.

Our Values

Roses in the Ocean values:

  • life                                     our first value is life itself
  • learning                           opportunities for people to learn from those with lived experience
  • health                               a healthy life and positive behaviours make a difference
  • connection                      the best things in life are shared with those we care about
  • openness & honesty      there has been too much silence
  • collaboration                  we don’t have all the answers but we can help