our vision

Our Vision

To save lives and reduce emotional distress and pain.

Our Mission

To empower people with lived experience of suicide to inform, influence and enhance suicide prevention.

Our Strategy

Roses in the Ocean exists to save lives and reduce emotional distress and pain.

We do this by informing, influencing and enhancing suicide prevention through the lived experience and supporting organisations to effectively and meaningfully engage lived experience expertise.

Our focus is on

  • Providing critical lived experience resources and expertise.
  • Building a trained and supported Lived Experience “Workforce”.
  • Facilitating their meaningful involvement in suicide prevention activities.
  • Leading the evolution of engaging lived experience.

Our Values

  • We value LIFE We cherish and embrace the journey that is life. We deeply value the diversity of individuals with lived experience of suicide who touch upon our lives, and the lives of others, in the most profound ways.
  • We value lifelong LEARNING and the opportunity for people to learn from those with lived experience of suicide. We acknowledge that we are in a constant state of learning and we respectfully provide every individual with the opportunity to learn, share and grow within themselves and with each other.
  • We value our own and others’ physical, emotional and mental HEALTH and wellbeing. We are dedicated to creating safe environments that promote healthy living, positive behaviours, positive mental health, happiness and contentment.
  • We value HUMILITY, empathy and respect, acknowledging our own and others varied knowledge, skills and lived experiences of suicide; and the limitations of each.
  • We value the practice of DEEP LISTENING; a process of listening to learn, that requires the temporary suspension of judgment and a willingness to receive new information for the purpose of gaining understanding rather than agreement.
  • We value AUTHENTICITY. Through open and honest communications, we will break silences, advance discussion and challenge paradigms.
  • We value CONNECTIONS between individuals and within groups that are built on authentic, honest and respectful exchanges and interactions.
  • We value and thrive on COLLABORATION and encourage individual and inter-functional cooperation in order to build enriching, cooperative, and empowering relationships within a group that is committed to one another and a common purpose.