All Roses in the Ocean capacity-building workshops are lived experience informed, designed and delivered by professional facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.

Our Voice in Action is a two-day workshop designed to develop specific skills for impactful engagement in suicide prevention activities. Gain clarity of your lived experience insights, prepare to step into lived experience representative or advisory roles, and experience how to bring your perspectives and those of others to a consultation process. It provides a framework to explore your lived experience and how it can be combined with other skills for the greatest influence and meaning.

On completion of this program, you can expect to be able to

  • Identify the key insights and messages within your lived experience story others can benefit from.
  • Understand what it means to be a LE representative, practical steps to influencing and what it means to collectively advocate.
  • Appreciate the wide range of lived experience perspectives and the wisdom they offer to expand your own view.
  • Dispel common myths and misconceptions about suicide through lived experience perspectives and facts.
  • Understand how your communication and working style can be best utilised in various suicide prevention forums.
  • Discover the role of lived experience in casting a critical lens over suicide messaging, imagery and written communications.
  • Understand the importance of shared expectations and collaboration, and how to manage conflict.
  • Implement your self care plan and activate your support networks as required.
  • Participate actively as a member of the Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Collective.

What happens after the program?

On completion of the program, you will be better equipped to link into your local suicide prevention networks and Primary Health Network if you choose. The Roses in the Ocean Mentor Call Back service ensures members are supported as they develop skills and contribute within suicide prevention after completion of the workshop. People may like to go on to attend the Voices of In-Sight Speakers workshop.

Who is the program for?

Our Voice in Action is a foundational program for people with a lived experience of suicide who are ready and keen to explore opportunities to be involved in suicide prevention activities.

This program is the foundational training for Lived Experience Advisory and Reference Groups for organisations and Primary Health Networks.