Pop-Up Safe Spaces

Lived Experience of Suicide Summit Workshop

Watch Workshop Below

* Please note, the recording does not include the content covered in the workshop breakout rooms.

Organisation Involved: Roses in the Ocean

Workshop Facilitators: Bronwen Edwards & Carrie Lumby

Workshop Duration: 1.5 hours

Through leading the co-design of numerous safe spaces around the country Roses in the Ocean has clearly identified common themes that have emerged about what local communities are looking for and wanting from a safe space. Regardless of geographic region or cultural background, there is an undeniably strong appetite for non-clinical, community and lived experience of suicide led safe spaces that are locally co-designed to meet unique needs.

An exciting new venture by Roses in the Ocean, ‘Pop-Up Safe Spaces’, empowers communities to realise the safe space they have been dreaming of. This workshop represents part of the ongoing co-design of resources to support the establishment of safe spaces.