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A personal story

“Never kill yourself when you’re depressed” a philosopher of…

Mar 11 2024, 2.13pm
suicidal thoughts , suicidality , suicide attempt
Differing beliefs about suicide

The reasons people take their own life are very…

Oct 26 2022, 3.28am
lived experience , lived experience insights , suicidality
External Resource Podcast
Talking Lived

Members of our Lived Experience Collective, Joan and Tanya,…

Oct 18 2022, 12.56am
bereaved , family and friends , lived experience , mother , women
Roses Radio with Kym

In this Roses Radio podcast, Kym shares the stories…

Oct 17 2022, 6.04am
men , regional , remote , roses radio , suicidal thoughts , suicidality
Roses Radio with Elissa

In this Roses Radio podcast, Elissa shares the stories…

Oct 17 2022, 6.00am
bereaved , roses radio , suicide attempt , women