Post Implementation Co-Design

As part of the NSW Strategic Framework for Suicide Prevention 2018-2023 and the state’s Toward Zero Suicide initiatives, Roses in the Ocean was engaged by the NSW Ministry of Health to lead and deliver the local co-designs for the establishment of Safe Havens across the state. This co-design process was developed with two distinct phases.

In the first phase, we brought together the voices and perspectives of those who have a lived experience suicidal of crisis, people who care for them, health professionals and other relevant community representatives to guide the design and establishment of the service.

We now look to the second phase of the co-design, the Post Implementation Co-design. In this, we seek to bring back the voices we heard in phase one of the co-design and further include the voices of current and past guests of the Safe Haven. We will reflect on the service, share experiences and insights, and contribute to the continued improvement of the Safe Haven.

As a lived experience of suicide organisation, Roses in the Ocean have invested significant time, expertise and resources into developing a customised co-design process that is appropriate for co-designing health and social services with and for people impacted by suicide. The Post Implementation Co-design sessions have been specifically designed to:

  • establish and maintain a safe and supportive environment in which people with lived experience, including former/current guests, can openly and honestly share their experiences;
  •  maximise the capacity for people with lived experience to collaborate with professional stakeholders in an active and meaningful way;
  •  ensure all voices and perspectives are heard and respected;
  •  equalise power and build capacity for equal partnership; and
  • generate outputs that will be useful to ongoing service improvement because they are informed by service providers and guest of the service.

For more information or to discuss how you can be involved, please feel free to email or phone 1300 411 461.