Social Media Guidelines

Roses in the Ocean values all contributions through our social media channels; however, we reserve the right to remove content and take discussions ‘offline’ if content breaches our guidelines.

We may remove your comments or other posts from our social media channels if, in our opinion, your content is or may potentially be:

  • misleading, false or deceptive or otherwise contrary to law or regulation;
  • defamatory, discriminatory, abusive, threatening, offensive, obscene or racially vilifying;
  • inappropriate, off topic or vexatious;
  • spam, promoting a product or commercial service, or soliciting business; or
  • breaching confidentiality, privacy or third-party rights.

All content on Roses in the Ocean social media pages is also subject to individual terms of use as outlined by the relevant social media provider. By interacting with our social media channels, you agree to be bound by the terms of use of the relevant social media provider.

Repeat breaches of our Facebook group rules may also result in you being removed from the group.

Safe Language

It is widely accepted that the inappropriate use of language when describing suicide and discussion of method, can have a significant impact on people who have a lived experience of suicide, and other members of the community. It is often attributed to fuelling the stigma, prejudice and fear that we still experience surrounding suicide. This in turn can prevent people from seeking help, and indeed reaching out to help others too. For this reason, we must ensure that when talking about suicide we do not describe ‘how’ someone took their life, nor do we discuss specific details about a suicide attempt.

For a quick summary of safe language please read our Guide to Safe Language.

For further reading on safe communications in suicide prevention visit the Life in Mind National Communications Charter. Roses in the Ocean is a signatory to the Charter, which provides a unified approach and promotes a common language in mental health, mental illness and suicide.

Be Real

In an era of ‘fake news’ and misinformation, the dissemination of inaccurate, misleading or inappropriate statements about suicidality and suicide prevention can have extremely negative impacts on individuals in crisis and the people around them.

Likewise, misinformation about Roses in the Ocean, our services, programs or staff members may have a deleterious effect on the organisation.

Please ensure that your comments, posts and sources are reliable, accurate and authentic.

Be Kind and Courteous

Roses in the Ocean values humility, empathy and respect. We are committed to creating welcoming and supportive safe environments that promote healthy living, positive behaviours, positive mental health, happiness and contentment.

While we encourage debate and robust exchange of ideas, we insist on polite and respectful conduct at all times.

Be Inclusive

We will not tolerate hate speech, discrimination, intolerance or bullying behaviours. At Roses in the Ocean we celebrate the diversity of humanity. We welcome and respect all races, genders, ages, sexualities, cultures, religions, politics and lifestyles.

Roses in the Ocean values lifelong learning and the opportunity for people to learn from those with lived experience of suicide. We also acknowledge the deeply personal and sensitive nature of each individual’s lived experience of suicide.

Be Respectful

Please be respectful of everyone’s privacy and their personal stories as well as the potential psychological and emotional stresses that may come with sharing.

Don’t share your personal information publicly – including but not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers or home addresses. If you wish to share such information, please use direct messages. (DM)

Be Relevant

Please refrain from sharing sales promotions or advertising materials that are not relevant to suicide prevention and postvention. Spam will be removed.

Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Collective page is a closed Facebook page available exclusively to individuals who have completed one of our capacity-building workshops. The Page is a safe space for conversations, storytelling and sharing and we encourage you to speak freely and openly with fellow members of the Collective.

It is equally important that the content shows consideration and respect towards others in the Collective and follows the above guidelines.

Monitoring and Approvals

Social Media

We do not vet social media posts prior to their publication. However, we regularly monitor posts and comments and respond to any questions, concerns, complaints or feedback ASAP (within 24 hours).

Reflections of My Lived Experience

All posts for Reflections of My Lived Experience are screened and approved by Roses in the Ocean prior to publication. This is mainly to ensure the content follows safe language principles as outlined in the National Charter.

All comments on Reflections of My Lived Experience posts are approved by Roses in the Ocean prior to being published.