Introducing our SP Peer Worker Development Services

It is great to see governments and organisations now recognising the value of involving peer workers with lived experience of suicide in the delivery of suicide prevention services.  Roses in the Ocean will play an important role in supporting these new initiatives.  

New suicide prevention services need informationguidance and practical tools for maximising the benefits of a lived experience workforce.  To meet this need, Roses in the Ocean has developed Organisational Readiness Training for managers and staff to demystify SP Peer Workchallenge myths, highlight needs and promote inclusive workplaces A Lived Experience Inclusion Toolkit will be provided on-line to complement this training, providing resources and checklists to help organisations evaluate their achievements.   We will also offer advice on recruiting SP Peer Workers and provide trained lived experience interview panellists to assist in the selection of the best applicants.  

The SP Peer Workers who staff these new services will receive ongoing support from Roses in the Ocean from the moment they start work.  They can develop knowledge, skills and confidence for working in suicide prevention by participating in our SP Peer Worker Program.  SP Peer Workers will be offered monthly co-reflection sessions with one of our experienced SP Peer Mentors, who can help them find new perspectives and solutions for the challenges involved in their work.  Four times a year, Roses in the Ocean will bring SP Peer Workers from across Australia together on-line for a Community of Practice, to promote identity, mutual learning and shared decision making. 

These new services are a great way for Roses in the Ocean to maximise the meaningful use of lived experience expertise in suicide prevention.