SP Peer Workforce support services

Roses in the Ocean has been working closely with some of Australia’s most highly regarded Peer Workforce experts from the Mental Health arena to determine what insights can be drawn from the development of the existing peer workforce, what barriers and challenges have been identified, and what supportive scaffolding is required to bolster the emerging SP Peer Workforce. It is important to capitalise on the excellent work that has come before us in the mental health sector, adapt and customise to meet the specific needs of the suicide prevention context.

The SP Peer Workforce Support Framework developed by Roses in the Ocean therefore builds on the considerable work already undertaken by the Mental Health Peer Work sector at a regional, state, and national level, but is explicitly informed by the Strategy for the Alcohol and Other Drug Peer Workforce in Victoria produced by the Self Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC, 2019). This is because SHARC’s AOD Peer Workforce Strategy offers the most pertinent example of how to develop, support, and sustain a contemporary Peer Workforce that is responsive to a specific lived experience context. It harnesses the strengths of the Mental Health Peer Workforce model, but is also individually tailored to suit the particular needs of lived experience contexts and cohorts distinct from the mental health sector.

Roses in the Ocean SP Peer Workforce Support Framework

Building on this existing body of expertise and resources, Roses in the Ocean has adapted SHARC’s AOD Peer Work framework specifically for the purposes of articulating the independent infrastructure required to support an effective and sustainable, quality SP Peer Workforce.

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