Suicide touches people of all identities, occupations, geographic locations …. and ages. Often forgotten are our older people – our parents, grandparents, and elderly neighbours and friends. Older persons or Seniors, as they are sometimes referred, represent people over the age of 65 years (and over 55 years in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations). Suicide is present in these older ages also and yet, whilst older persons are identified as a priority population for suicide prevention strategies, services often are not meeting the specific needs of these people.

Anglicare is providing training and webinars for people working within residential aged care and older persons services to increase their knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of older people experiencing emotional distress and/or suicidal thoughts or crisis.

Roses in the Ocean had the privilege of interviewing a number of Seniors to capture their lived experience perspectives and insights into how we can support them better.

Suicide Prevention for Seniors | Compilation Video

Suicide Prevention for Seniors, with Clare Headland

Suicide Prevention for Seniors, with Graeme Holdsworth

Suicide Prevention for Seniors, with John Shearer

Suicide Prevention for Seniors, with Lea Harvey

Suicide Prevention for Seniors, with Mandy Brown

Suicide Prevention for Seniors Program

If you work with older people and would like to learn how to help prevent suicide, this program can provide the training you need. Run by Anglicare and funded by the NSW Government, the Suicide Prevention for Seniors Program consists of a two-pronged approach:

  1. QPR online training
  2. Workshop

* This program is free and is suited to aged care workers, retirement living staff, pharmacists, geriatricians, medical centre staff and anyone in NSW who works closely with older people.

* The Life in Mind website provides information about the incidence of suicide in older people.