Are you living an active life and doing some form of movement or exercise every day? 

Your body is the engine that powers your well-being.

Being active, exercising and doing something you enjoy lifts your mood and counters depression and anxiety.

Things you can do to be more Active

Find an exercise you love to do and start today!

One step at a time – there’s no need to join a gym and plan five sessions a week. Start with activities around your house, from stretching to lifting bricks.

Check out classes and workouts available on YouTube from yoga and tai chi, to abs and thighs, or full body workouts.

Or get outside and explore one of the many fitness trails, parks or bike paths.

Go for a walk or take the stairs.

A 20k hike or a competitive high-rise stair climb will certainly tick the activity box. Or you could start with taking the stairs at work instead of an elevator.

 Ask a friend to be active with you.

It takes two to tango, play tennis or  play catch. You could keep it relaxed and social – a simple walk and talk – or ramp up the energy for a bit of friendly competition.

Play outside with the dog.

And not just the dog. Play with the kids or grandkids. For that matter, why not play with your siblings or spouses? Play, in its simplest sense, is to be active for the purpose of enjoyment and recreation. It’s neither serious nor even purposeful. It’s fun!

Make time to have fun.

You know how to have fun. But do you make time for it? Allocate as much time as you reasonably can (start with half an hour at least) to undertake activities that bring joy into your day.

Suggestions from our Lived Experience Collective

  • Just move a bit more than you did yesterday
  • Learn to dance
  • Count your steps
  • Lift your spirits with a happy song
  • Check out your local indoor rock climbing venue
  • Explore the joys of laughter yoga
  • If you’re enjoying your own company, be creative with hopscotch or hoops, or find a brick wall and have a hit of tennis or handball.
  • Run away and join the circus, or at least try some aerial or acrobatic classes with your local dance school or community circus.
  • Explore the wonderful world of ornithology (birdwatching)
  • Become a citizen scientist and join a vibrant community of inquisitive minds.