Do you regularly add meaning and value to someone else’s life?

When we participate and contribute, we feel included and valued.

Our brains are wired to experience pleasure when we help others.

Things you can do to contribute

Practice random acts of kindness.

Lending a hand or showing kindness, without any expectation of reciprocation, is a powerful expression of authentic generosity.

The pay it forward principle encourages the recipient to practice a random act of kindness to someone else when the opportunity arises.

In the service of others, give of yourself, your time, your empathetic ear or simply your companionship.

Simple acts like helping a neighbour with gardening, taking out their rubbish, doing the shopping or running errands, or sending a friend some flowers, can bring positivity into someone’s day.

Smile. Be kind. Be grateful. Say thank you.

To the bus driver, the barista, your teacher, your student and yourself. We all like to feel appreciated, and a simple acknowledgment can leave a lasting positive impact.

Teach a friend something they’ve never done before.

Are you creative? technical? digital? or mechanical? We all have hidden talents we can teach others. Muster your talents and grab a friend for an afternoon of skills sharing in the garden, the kitchen or some mysterious digital realm.

Get involved in your local community, charity or volunteer organisations.

It all starts in your own backyard, your neighbourhood or your community.

Find your people in a community group, whether it’s cultural, spiritual, social, environmental or political.

Suggestions from our Lived Experience Collective

  • support your local neighbourhood watch
  • find a gardening, nature, hiking or wildlife group in your area
  • volunteer at your local library, thrift shop or shelter, homeless food vans or laundry service.
  • leave unexpected little notes for those you love
  • pass on a coffee – suspended coffee or pay it forward
  • give more of the best of you
  • create a chalk drawing on driveway – doesn’t have to be fancy – think love heart or rainbow
  • share your juggling or hula hooping skills
  • join a book club of avid readers
  • find a music lovers or informal jam group
  • commune with kindred spirits at your place of worship
  • volunteer or better yet throw your hat in the ring for local politics