Do you feel a sense of accomplishment most days?

Do you feel what you’re doing in life is valuable and worthwhile?

Setting and achieving goals adds meaning and direction to your life.

Identifying your values and setting boundaries helps you to play to your strengths.

Things you can do to live with purpose

Set goals linked to your family, friends and things that matter to you.

Forward planning and goal setting provide direction and guidance in our daily lives. Set short, medium and long term goals, making sure that they are achievable and measurable. And don’t forget to celebrate your achievements when you meet your goals.

Make something better than it was.

They say ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’, but there are ways of improving efficiency, smoothing out bumps in the road, or generally making something better, without having to reinvent the wheel.

Start with incremental improvements making little tweaks to daily habits or practices, and move your way up to more substantial, longer term projects with greater substance and purpose.

Do something that energises your heart and soul.

Physical and mental exercises provide energy for our body and brain. But what about your heart and soul? Nourish your inner self with caring, person-centred activities such as drawing energy from the ocean, immersing yourself in a piece of music, or pursuing your spiritual or religious practices.

Talk to someone you trust to offer guidance and feedback on your strengths.

Mentors, life coaches, personal trainers, counsellors and confidantes can be great sources of positive reinforcement, professional encouragement or physical motivation. Build trust and rapport with key individuals in your personal and professional life and tap into their wisdom and insights about you, when you need a helping hand or guidance to get back on track.

Find inspiration and follow your passion.

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere; in nature, sport, the arts or that always inspiring person in your life. Pursuing activities that you deeply care about can provide a sense of contribution, personal achievement and purpose.

Be kind to yourself – practice positive self-affirmation

We are often our own worst critics and much of the criticism comes from within – the proverbial voices in our head – our inner monologue or just that nagging self-doubt or insecurity.

Positive self-affirmations can counterbalance the negative self, leading to a healthier self-awareness and improved well-being.

Be the best you can be!

Whoever that is!

Suggestion from our Lived Experience Collective