Do you look for chances to learn new things?

Studies show that life-long learners are some of the healthiest, happiest people around.

Exercising your mind can improve your well-being.

Things you can do to keep learning

Take up a new hobby

A hobby or pastime refers to an enjoyable activity undertaken regularly during leisure time. It usually involves acquiring skills and knowledge about a certain area eg philately, cooking, model-making. New research shows how hobbies impact your head and your heart.

Learn a new skill

The digital world really is your oyster when it comes to learning new skills. From instructional videos on youtube, to online learning, open universities or U3A virtual university of the third age, there really is a course to suit all ages and interests.

Ask for new challenges or responsibilities at work

Join the social club or ask to be part of a small project team that is relevant and of interest to your career and goals. Volunteer for a community outreach project or lift your game and pursue that next promotion. Show interest, enthusiasm and willingness to step out of your usual practice and extend your skill set.

Expand your horizons

If your life’s bubble is starting to feel limited or restricting, it may be time to branch out into new areas of interest and activity. Exploring the world, its people and cultures can bring new perspectives and appreciation of our place in the scheme of things. Jump online or on a plane and challenge yourself to see the world from an alternative point of view.

Read a good book

Disappear into a good book and immerse our imaginations in fictional tales of love and romance, suspense and thrills. Or skip into the non-fiction section of your bookstore and discover inspiring biographies, uplifting self-help guides, or myriad tales of technical mastery, invention and discovery. And if reading’s not your thing – try an audio book or podcast for inspired storytelling in all its forms.

Suggestions from our Lived Experience Collective