Non-clinical peer-led services

There has been a consistent call by people with lived experience of suicide for greater support options and choices. With innovative non-clinical peer-based service models now emerging there is lots to learn and do such that every person across Australia has access to them.

Community-led Safe Spaces

Community-led Safe Spaces are volunteer-run, non-clinical services where people experiencing suicidal distress can find compassionate and empathetic support from workers who have also gone through their own suicidal crisis (or have ‘lived experience of suicidal distress’) and have been trained to use their lived experience to support others.
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Peer CARE Companion Warmline

Peer CARE Companion is a suicide prevention ‘warmline’ call-back service which has been created by Roses in the Ocean to provide a safe place for people with a lived experience of suicide to connect with others with a similar lived experience of suicide.
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Peer CARE Companion in Community

This volunteer-based service will strengthen the existing network of suicide prevention services including aftercare, postvention and safe spaces, and address service and support gaps in community by providing ‘light touch’ peer support and connection in community.
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Peer CARE Companion | Volunteer with us

Volunteer to become one of our Peer CARE Companions for our Peer CARE Companion Warmline or Peer CARE Companion in Community.
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Community-led Safe Space | Volunteer

Become a Working Group member or volunteer in our Community-led Safe Spaces.
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Our “000” position

Contact of emergency services by Roses in the Ocean's Non-clinical Peer-led Services.
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For information about the development of a National Safe Spaces Network, click below.

National Safe Spaces Network