A Lived Experience Video Series: Creating Hope Through Action

For World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) this year, Roses in the Ocean will showcase some of the amazing work done in communities every day that exemplifies the theme ‘Creating Hope through Action’.

We often hear of fabulous grassroots initiatives that bring connection, hope and purpose to community, and in doing so are creating hope for people who are experiencing tough time, emotional distress or suicidal crisis. We want to share your great ideas and initiatives with others!

We’d love for you to collaborate with us on this project by sending us a 30 second – 1 min video of how you are ‘Creating Hope Through Action’ in your community. Roses in the Ocean will compile the video snippets from across Australia and broadcast it on World Suicide Prevention Day at our WSPD Community Event in Brisbane and across social media platforms on September 10. You can find some useful tips regarding filming the video itself HERE.

Video submissions are now closed.

** N.B. We appreciate all submissions, but depending on the volume we receive we may not be able to showcase all video snippets in the final video compilation. They will all be made available on our website however. By uploading your video you give permission for all participants appearing in the video to be involved in our final video campaign.**

Please email us here or call us on 1300 411 461 if you have any questions.