world suicide prevention day

World Suicide Prevention Day 2020

World Suicide Prevention Day is an international awareness day observed on 10 September each year to provide a focus for dedicated action to prevent suicide. The International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP) collaborates with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health to host World Suicide Prevention Day.

For community organisations and individuals dedicated to preventing suicide, this annual awareness day is an opportunity to share a message of hope and action in the community. Events and activities organised by volunteers and community organisations occur in local communities across Australia.

It must be emphasised that World Suicide Prevention Day requires careful consideration to the wellbeing of those who participate ensuring that supportive environments are created for all who wish to be involved.

wspd event hosting guide and resources

We have created a range of simple to use resources including event planners, check lists, letters to local MPs and business requesting support, advertising poster templates and much more to assist you to host a World Suicide Prevention Day event in your workplace or community. Visit our WSPD Event Hosting Resources page to view and download our WSPD Event Hosting guide and a range of individual resources.


Raising awareness of suicide and suicide prevention can

World Suicide Prevention Day is all about connecting with others and collaborating to save lives.

Bringing service providers together in one place makes it easier for people to find the information they need in your community.

It’s essential that we learn to speak safely and openly about suicide and focus on encouraging help-seeking behaviours. Follow our guide to safe language 

Increasing everyone’s awareness about suicide helps to diminish the fear, judgment and discrimination that others can experience.

Roses in the Ocean’s Wellbeing Wifi is designed to prompt conversation and highlight areas of self-care that you can adopt in order to improve your personal wellbeing.

2020 Shine the Light Redcliffe World Suicide Prevention Day Walk

On World Suicide Prevention Day, Standby- Support After Suicide are again co-hosting an awareness walk with our passionate Shine the Light Redcliffe advocates.
As this year has been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions, we won’t be able to have hundreds of people gather in one spot like we did last year, and so we’re inviting people to join in on local physically distanced walks on the evening of World Suicide Prevention Day. You can find information here: 2020 Shine the Light Redcliffe World Suicide Prevention Day Walk. The page will continue to be updated for the day – we are looking forward to people joining in across the country. No RSVP is necessary for this event.

Suicide Touches Us All

Close to one million people each year die by suicide worldwide, making suicide among the most prominent international health issues.

There were 3046 deaths by suicide in Australia in 2018. Suicide is the leading cause of deaths among Australians aged between 15 and 44 years. Females make more suicide attempts than men, however more men die by suicide. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities experience a significantly higher suicide rate.

Beyond the statistics, suicide leaves profound emotional, social and economic impacts for families, friends and communities. Suicide challenges us to do as much as possible to reduce emotional pain and distress and to save lives.

While not all suicides are preventable, increasing individual and community capacity and resilience, and supporting individuals and communities at risk to seek and receive help can reduce the number of people taking their lives.

Suicide Prevention

Suicide is a challenging and complex issue. There is no single solution, service or initiative that will reduce suicide and its impact. It requires all of us to play a role and share responsibility to support community members and their families. 

Suicide prevention encompasses a wide range of activity including health promotion, early intervention, crisis support and ongoing support for people experiencing suicidal thoughts, aftercare support for people following a suicide attempt, support for carers and suicide bereavement support for families, friends, colleagues and communities impacted by suicide.

Over recent years, the support for whole of community and whole of government suicide prevention has increased significantly.  There is currently unprecedented focus on and investment in suicide prevention. Communities and individuals play an important role in saving lives.  Through encouraging people to talk about suicide with a focus on help-seeking and supporting people to find solutions, and increasing understanding about suicide prevention, invitations for help and how to respond when you notice someone may be struggling, we can all make a difference. We must ensure that discussions are safe and based on accurate information that leads to people feeling empowered and that the language and content of our discussions does not cause harm to those who hear them.