The pieces of me

Broke and brokenhearted, life a shattered mess

I looked around at my old life and took a deep breath

Packing the scattered pieces and despite the map unclear

I stepped through the doorway of darkness, headed for the pier of fear

I hiked the highway of humiliation and stood in the face of the fire

Tightroped across a raging river, a bridge of the thinnest wire

I raced down the roadway of rage and lingered in loneliness lane

Fell deep into the depths of despair and was battered by torrential rain

On I sailed, in the stormiest of seas

Whilst holding on tightly to the pieces of me

“Here” said my mind “Lay in the sands”

“Of sadness and tears and society demands”

“ No” said Courage “ The Lighthouse is near ”

“ Look for the light and all you hold dear ”

Onwards, I stumbled into the Forest of Dark

Cold and afraid, I searched for the spark

I climbed mountains upon mountains, looking for the light

Strength wouldn’t let me give up without a fight

There in the blackness, at the bottom of the rocks

Truth whispered to me and it came as a shock

My mind had betrayed me, it was wrong

The pieces of me are mortar strong

From the Lighthouse of Hope, kindness called my name

Perseverance led me from the pathway of shame

Love and understanding helped me to connect

And the pieces of me became part of the lighthouse effect

I learnt how to care and be kind to my mind

Empowering myself and others to shine

I stand like a Lighthouse, stable and strong

Part of a network where I feel I belong

Everyday I focus on the positive, the good

Bringing connection and hope to my own ‘hood.

Sam Phipps

Date Published
March 21, 2022
suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt , women
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