We’re searching for Victorian-based family, carers and supporters of someone with suicidal thoughts and/or behaviour to volunteer on our suicide prevention call-back service, the Peer CARE Companion Warmline.

**To volunteer for our national Warmline service, please click here.**

When a person is experiencing suicidal thoughts or behaviour, it can be a very worrying time for their family, carers and supporters. Family, carers and supporters who are supporting somebody experiencing suicidal thoughts and/or behaviour benefit from speaking with people who have had a similar experience.

The Peer CARE Companion Warmline has been created by Roses in the Ocean to provide a safe place for people with a lived experience of suicide to connect with others with a similar lived experience of suicide. The service provides people with an opportunity to connect, be heard, and for their distress to be compassionately explored and understood by another person through the mutual understanding that comes with meaningful shared experience.

Staffed by trained volunteers (Peer CARE Companions) from a range of backgrounds, life experiences and identities, the Warmline service provides vital support for those who need it, by connecting the caller with a volunteer that has similar lived experience. As a volunteer with lived experience of supporting someone with suicidal thoughts or behaviour, you will be connected with callers to the Warmline who are living a similar experience.

Volunteers will not provide counselling or advice. They may assist in providing relief from emotional distress by exploring coping strategies and provide suggestions for online resources and/or information about support services, including counselling.

 ***This is NOT a crisis line, If you are in crisis or someone you are with is in crisis, please call a crisis line, such as Lifeline on 13 11 14, or others you will find on our ‘I need help now” page that may suit you better.***

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