Communities & Events

Our wonderful and diverse communities and all our events with a lived experience of suicide at their core.

LGBTIQA+ Communities

At Roses in the Ocean we celebrate the complex diversity of humanity. We are fully committed to creating a welcoming, supportive and safe environment that is inclusive of all races, genders, ages, sexualities, cultures, religions, politics and lifestyles.
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Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Communities

We stand with our First Nations people in their response to suicide and emotional distress in community.
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National Men's Lived Experience of Suicide Network

The Network was established as one small way in which we can do our bit to address the concerning fact that 75% of suicides in Australia are by males.
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Lived Experience of Suicide Summit 2023

The LE Summit is for people with a lived experience of suicide, members of the suicide prevention sector, government, community and non-government organisations, clinicians, corporate organisations, and researchers.
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Grassroots Community Grant

The Roses in the Ocean Grassroots Community Grant invites small groups of community members to come up with an idea that may work to reduce the impact of suicide in their community.
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World Suicide Prevention Day

Every day people coming together across the globe to help others, share stories, and reduce stigma.
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