our story

Roses in the Ocean exists to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives.

Roses in the Ocean is building a trained and supported workforce of empowered individuals with personal, lived experiences of suicide.

We know that  individuals who have experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for loved ones through crisis, or been bereaved through suicide, can provide us with powerful insights and opportunities to inform, influence and enhance suicide prevention activities.

Members of our Lived Experience Collective are actively engaged in communities and organisations that share our vision to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives.

The intrinsic value of individuals with a lived experience of suicide permeates Roses in the Ocean’s research partnerships, capacity-building workshops and consulting expertise.

As Australia’s leading lived experience of suicide organisation, Roses in the Ocean collaborates with individuals and organisations across community, corporate, health and government sectors to effectively and meaningfully engage lived experience expertise with all aspects of suicide prevention.