We are seeking submissions that offer a glimpse into the pages of your story, to create Reflections of My Lived Experience – a publication that offers a message of strength, tenacity and hope.

How has it changed you? What insights and learnings can you share? What advice would you give?


Preparations are now well underway for the second Lived Experience of Suicide Summit to be held in Melbourne from 13-15 May 2020.

Roses in the Ocean is seeking your input into the workshop program as well as offering a range of flexible partner opportunities.


Sam Fewings is a member of the Lived Experience Collective and is mad about tennis – who knew! He has decided to hold a 24 hour tennis-athon to raise funds for Roses in the Ocean – what a champion!

From 10am Friday 30 November to 10am Saturday 1 December, Sam and his fellow tennis loving players will take on the game of champions for 24 hours.

Check out the flyer for more details or donate here. Good luck Sam and thank you!


When the Central West Suicide Prevention Network invited Roses in the Ocean to contribute to their Health & Wellbeing event on Mental Health Day, October 10, we were quick to accept!

Check out Bronwen and Kathy’s pics and recollections of their amazing outback adventure.


Our illustrious leader and untiring workhorse for people with a lived experience of suicide, Bronwen recently attended the 31st International Association of Suicide Prevention’s World Congress, held in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland.  Check out Bronwen’s images and recollections of this significant international event.

The Prime Minister’s suicide prevention advisor Christine Morgan also shared some insights of her experience at the congress.

our story

Roses in the Ocean exists to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives.

Roses in the Ocean is building a trained and supported workforce of empowered individuals with personal, lived experiences of suicide.

We know that  individuals who have experienced suicidal thoughts, survived a suicide attempt, cared for loved ones through crisis, or been bereaved through suicide, can provide us with powerful insights and opportunities to inform, influence and enhance suicide prevention activities.

Members of our Lived Experience Collective are actively engaged in communities and organisations that share our vision to reduce emotional distress and pain, and to save lives.

The intrinsic value of individuals with a lived experience of suicide permeates Roses in the Ocean’s research partnerships, capacity-building workshops and consulting expertise.

As Australia’s leading lived experience of suicide organisation, Roses in the Ocean collaborates with individuals and organisations across community, corporate, health and government sectors to effectively and meaningfully engage lived experience expertise with all aspects of suicide prevention.