Supporting individuals & communities

Building the capacity of individuals and communities to recognise and respond to people experiencing suicidal thoughts or crisis with confidence is so critical to saving lives. Roses in the Ocean loves finding innovative ways to raise the voice of people with lived experience of suicide and embedding sustainable training solutions within communities.


Capacity-building workshops for people with a lived experience of suicide wishing to build their skills to be involved in suicide prevention initiatives.


Co-designing with people with lived experience of suicide requires a nuanced process to manage power imbalances and ensure the voice of lived experience is able to speak its truth.

Suicide Prevention Peer Workforce

Our Suicide Prevention (SP) Peer Workforce Development Service is a suite of resources, training and support services for the emerging Suicide Prevention Peer Workforce and the organisations embracing them.

Integration & Partnership with Lived Experience Expertise

All aspects of suicide prevention must be integrated with and led by people with lived experience. Explore resources and current Lived Experience projects here.

Consulting & Advisory

Roses in the Ocean's consulting and advisory services encompass strategy planning, service design, content review, recruitment and much more.

Evaluation, Research & Innovation

Roses in the Ocean is committed to contributing to the emerging and rapidly growing evidence base relating to the active and meaningful inclusion of lived experience in all suicide prevention activities.

We exist to save lives and reduce emotional distress and pain.

We seek to lead the significant cultural shift needed to save lives through harnessing the perspectives of all we represent, along with our own lived experience of suicide.

With our actions driven and guided by those with a lived experience of suicide, we innovate and transform suicide prevention, and drive and deliver system reform. We support organisations and government to effectively and meaningfully integrate lived experience expertise into suicide prevention.

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Resources Hub

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My journey of suicidal crisis

… was over a twenty-five-year period. The main theme was…

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Lived Experience Insights | Suicidal Thoughts

Honest and real responses to a range of personal questions…

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A mother’s fight against stigma

My story begins with a broken family one that divided…

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Roses in the Ocean speaks with Ann and Jim

In this short video, Ann and Jim share the stories…

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Roses in the Ocean speaks with Bridgit

Member of Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Collective, Bridgit…

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Roses Radio with Tynan

In this Roses Radio podcast, Tynan shares the stories and…

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Roses Radio with Mark

In this Roses Radio podcast, Mark shares the stories and…

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