Contribution to the Evidence Base

Roses in the Ocean is committed to contributing to the emerging and rapidly growing evidence base relating to the active and meaningful integration and partnership with people with lived experience of suicide in all suicide prevention activities, and the embedding of lived experience of suicide engagement principles and best practice.

All of our activities, which are developed, designed and delivered by people with a lived experience of suicide, continuously add to the growing evidence base in Australia and internationally. Currently, existing evidence predominantly comes from scientific peer reviewed work, however, as the contribution of people with a lived experience of suicide grows, this research and evidence is becoming much richer. We are witnessing the results of this in the national recommendations for lived experience of suicide to be at the centre of and indeed leading system reform.

Our role in research is three fold:

  • we invest in external evaluation and research regarding the impact and outcomes of our own work
  • we collaboratively drive the integration of lived experience of suicide into research with research institutions (LE in Research project)
  • we connect researchers with people with the relevant lived experience of suicide for specific research and evaluation topics (LE Engagement Projects)

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