People will have varying levels of interest in engaging in research ranging from participating in research surveys and interviews; reviewing and analysing research data or being involved as a guest or client investigator. There are also roles within research institutions for designated lived experience researchers.

To support the development of skills and capability of people to bring their lived experience to research opportunities, Roses in the Ocean established the ‘LE in Research’ project with a collaborative working group comprising of Uni of Melbourne, ANU, AISRAP, and Black Dog Institute to contribute their research expertise and resources.

Project phases:

  • Scoping internationally of relevant existing resources (complete)
  • Comprehensive matrix of recommended skills and knowledge developed relevant for three different phases of engagement in research for people with LE of suicide – Phase 1: participation in research Phase 2: early stage (year 1) LE Researcher Phase 3: Year 2-3 LE Researcher (complete)
  • Development of ‘LE in Research’ page on Roses in the Ocean’s website
  • Comprehensive bank of existing, adapted and newly developed resources mapped to the skills matrix (articles, video, podcasts, training materials)
  • Access to leading suicide prevention researchers through webinar series
  • Establishment of a ‘LE in Research’ Community of Practice

Below you will find the current lived experience opportunities and research projects available through Roses in the Ocean, as well as historic research projects involving people with a lived experience of suicide.

Are you ready to be involved in research suicide prevention? Read our information pdf here.