Lived Experience of Suicide

Everything that we do is through the lens of lived experience of suicide.

An acknowledgement of people with a lived experience of suicide

At Roses in the Ocean,
We acknowledge those of you who have considered ending your life, and those who have attempted to do so
. . . we acknowledge your courage and tenacity to carry and move through the immense pain.
We acknowledge those of you who care for loved ones through suicidal crisis
. . . . we acknowledge the fear and helplessness you experience, and your endless endeavours to empower them to live.
We acknowledge those of you bereaved through suicide
. . . .we acknowledge your immeasurable loss, the life that was lived, and the complex and often confusing emotions that accompany the ever-present ache. May your loss define a legacy and a mission to discover healing and new purpose.
We acknowledge all the lives we have lost to suicide and those in our wider community who are struggling with life today.
Everyone’s lived experience is unique
Everyone’s lived experience is valuable
Everyone’s lived experience matters

What is Lived Experience of Suicide?

It is as unique as you are, and your experience is valuable, valued and matters.
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Guiding Principles for Partnering with People with Lived Experience of Suicide

Authentic engagement with people with lived experience of suicide involves a genuine commitment to living these principles.
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Lived Experience of Suicide Informed and Inclusive Culture Change Suite of Resources

A culmination of ten years of developing best practice in lived experience of suicide engagement, development, integration and partnership.
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Specific Population Groups

Resources for communities that are disproportionately impacted by suicide.
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Through Our Lens

Greater understanding comes from looking through the lens of another.
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Lived Experience Collective

Our Lived Experience Collective are a group of trained and supported lived experience representatives with a diverse range of skills and expertise.
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Lived Experience in Research

Lived experience partnership in research is a critical component of suicide prevention.
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Opportunities & Career Pathways

Opportunities for you to draw on your lived experience insights & wisdom to help others.
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