Meeting specific professional needs

A peer workforce in suicide prevention has the potential to contribute significantly to addressing the crisis in the availability of support for people in distress being seen throughout Australia. It will simultaneously reduce pressure on clinicians, save money, contribute to system reform, and get help to more people more rapidly. Suicide prevention peer workers with the relevant lived experience of suicide are able to respond to the psychosocial factors and situational distress at the root of many suicidal crises. As a specialised workforce, SP Peer Workers have specific professional needs:

  1. A work environment that is strongly supportive in both policy and operational senses including at exec level
  2. Managers that value peer workers’ presence and understand their role
  3. Opportunities to reflect on their practice as peer workers
  4. Customised training in peer work and suicide prevention
  5. Opportunities to network with other peer workers and share experiences

Roses in the Ocean believes it is critical that a robust framework is implemented to bolster support for the emerging SP Peer Workforce.

Expanding the suicide prevention peer workforce:

An urgent and rapid solution to Australia’s suicide challenge

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