Integration & partnership with lived experience expertise

Embracing the skills & insight of people with a lived experience of suicide with purpose.

Supporting individuals and organisations, the sector, workplaces, services and government to integrate and partner with people with lived experience of suicide.

Integrating and partnering with people with lived experience of suicide and embracing lived experience insights has countless benefits. It is important to acknowledge however that in many cases it represents a culture change for organisations, and the opportunity for people without a lived experience to develop a far deeper understanding of suicide. People need to be supported through this process with a combination of preparatory education, ongoing support and skill development.

Professional development opportunities include:

Lived Experience of Suicide Informed and Inclusive Culture Change Suite of Resources

A culmination of ten years of developing best practice in lived experience of suicide engagement, development, integration and partnership.
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Lived Experience in Research

Lived experience participation and partnership in research is a critical component of suicide prevention.
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Lived Experience Collective

Our Lived Experience Collective is comprised of people with a lived experience of suicide across Australia, who have undertaken training to build their capacity to be a voice of change in suicide prevention.
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Future Leaders

A twelve-month program of professional development, mentoring, exposure to strategic advisory opportunities and a community engagement project designed to support emerging leaders in the lived experience of suicide movement. Expression of Interest process commencing 2023.

Lived Experience Engagement Projects

Lived experience engagement is a vital component of suicide prevention.
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