Opportunities & career pathways

There are so many ways you can utilise your lived experience of suicide. Explore a myriad of pathways of learning and skill development available to support your chosen path.

How would you like to utilise your lived experience?

Explore Pathways

Discover the various pathways you can follow which lead to your desired role or career in suicide prevention.
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Opportunities and roles within Roses in the Ocean

How you can become involved with us upon completion of our training.
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Peer CARE Companion | Volunteer with us

Volunteer to become one of our Peer CARE Companions for our Peer CARE Companion Warmline or Peer CARE Companion in Community.
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Lived Experience Engagement Projects

Lived experience engagement is a vital component of suicide prevention.
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Work with Us - Current Openings

Bring your lived experience skills and knowledge to the Roses in the Ocean team and launch into a challenging yet rewarding career!
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Lived experience in research

Lived experience partnership in research is a critical component of suicide prevention.
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Lived Experience Engagement & Development Program

Elevate your engagement in suicide prevention and explore the next steps to further your involvement.
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Are you interested in been involved and would like to find out more information? Please email Nichola at [email protected] with any questions you may have.