Through the blue lens

Thoughts, visions and smells flood my mind,

My blue lens takes me to depths,

Searching for answers, reasons I cannot find,

Not unlike those whose faces printed upon my soul,

Their tormented families I behold.

My blue friends have blue visions too, All different yet the same hue.

Images of dear blue colleagues who could not evade to feel,

The torment that through service came in a torrent; Abhorrent and real.

Lining streets, a sea of blue laments souls lost,

Comforting, embracing, hopeful – not one more, at what cost;

Through blue lenses my blue brothers and sisters reflect the sun’s rays,

Hold on, make a difference and live for a better blue day.

Inspector Queensland Police Service 2020

Date Published
March 21, 2022
bereaved , first responders
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