All Roses in the Ocean capacity-building workshops are lived experience informed, designed and delivered by professional facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.

Community members represent numerous ‘TouchPoints’ for person to seek and receive help.
This informative and interactive four-hour workshop is designed specifically to give community members an insight into suicide through the lens of people who have personally experienced it, and equip them with the right knowledge and practical tools to reduce the emotional pain experienced by many around us, and even save a life. This workshop is different from other training that is often referred to ‘gatekeeper’ training, in that its evidence based content is interwoven with the expertise of people who have experienced suicide first hand.  We prefer to refer to this skill and confidence developing training as LIFEKEEPER training ! We share what can be helpful, what may not work so well, and most importantly how best to support people at risk, as well as people bereaved through suicide.

On completion of this program, you can expect to be able to:

  • Attained a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of suicide
  • Increased awareness of warning signs and invitations for help
  • Increased confidence and capacity to engage with people in crises
  • Improved confidence to connect a person at risk of suicide with support
  • An appreciation of the importance of self care and practical tools to implement
  • ‘Debunked’ commonly held suicide myths with facts and lived experience
  • Practical ways in which to support someone bereaved through suicide
  • Knowledge on how best to support someone return to the workplace

Who is the program for?

Community members in general.

Regular community TouchPoints including hairdressers, sports coaches, baristas, newsagents, pharmacy staff and taxi drivers.

Within a workplace – General staff, human resources and management.