Why I grow hair

This year I grew hair to raise awareness and money for Suicide prevention charity MATES in Construction, I got pretty woolly so I ended up writing a poem about why I was growing my hair.


Some people often look
Some people often stare
And ask me what’s the deal
What’s up with the hair

I tell them plain and simple
Cause it’s all I’ve got to give
I’m doin this for the blokes
Who’re struggling with life to live

I’m doin this for the mate
Who’s relationship went bust
I’m doing this for the champion
Who’s bread’s run out of crust

I’m doin this for the legends
Who are struggling with a crutch
I’m doing this for my mates
Who say that life’s too much

You see we all from time to time
Fall down when life gets tough
We smash our fists and stomp our feet
And say enough’s enough

But that’s the time to notice
Time to activate and take a stand
That’s the time to shine
And lift your mate up by the hand

10 seconds of courage is all you need
to call your brother out
To say you’ve noticed changes, mate
what’s that all about?

Then listen with understanding
Ain’t no room for judgement here
Then next encourage action
Share that load and show you care

I know too well that darkness
I’ve trod that rocky path
I’ve lost too many mates and kin
I know the aftermath

So that is why I grow my hair
That is why I talk
To keep my brothers on the planet
I do my best to walk the walk

I don’t have a lot to offer
No real smarts to make a mark
But I got two flaming floppy ears
And one large marshmallow heart

To all who’ve been impacted
To those with tear stained eyes
A virtual hug I send your way
Please know the sun will rise

So to you my mate my friend my pal
Here’s a challenge just for you
Do what you can with your two hands
You may just help a few!

Justin Geange

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Date Published
March 21, 2022
mates in construction , men , suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt
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