A different me

So here I am another year has passed and I have held on tight

The world rushes past me

Only seeming to stand still at night


The noise quietens & things slow down

As I lay and look above

I distract my mind from many thoughts

And replace them with love


I wish for peace and hope for sleep

And quiet down my mind

I think about the day that’s been

And hope that I’ve been kind


I’ve taken baby steps

and make them count for me

I know it’s very hard

To be here and just ‘be’


I’ve learnt that I am both strong and weak

And when I fall i fall hard

I also know when I get up

My heart is what I guard


I hold the precious things

Deep inside my heart

I hold them where no one can see

And nothing can ever part


My Mum told me I will never be

The Siân I used to be

I understand this now

And as she said – I am a different me

Sian Houghton © 2021

Date Published
March 21, 2022
suicidal thoughts
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