Our team really enjoys the process of creating our Year in Review. While we purposefully engage a lens of real time continuous improvement at Roses in the Ocean, it is rewarding to also take a moment to pause at the end of a twelve month period to reflect, celebrate and learn from a zoomed out perspective. To step back and thank everyone who has contributed to our vision and purpose. – the people with lived experience of suicide across the country who have privileged us with their stories, expertise, and wisdom; those who have worked with us to integrate and partner experts by experience into their work; and of course our wonderful team.

Over the last twelve months Roses in the Ocean has experienced a significant period of growth – scaling services following encouraging pilots, honing our focus on key areas of need as identified through our grassroots work in community, and exploring other ways we can add value and support the suicide prevention sector and government integrate and partner with people with lived experience of suicide better.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our 2022-23 year.

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